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Templating en fr

You have 2 html files to provide, they must be in the templates folder of your site:

The templating engine is almost the same as Jinja, thanks to the following library: Crinja.

Templating 101

If you have a variable title, use {{title}} in your template to display it.

If you have a variable pages which is a list of objects with a title property, you can loop using:

{% for page in pages %}
  {{ page.title }}
{% endfor %}

If you want a conditional rendering for title whether it has or not a value, use:

{% if title %}
  Title is displayed ! {{ title }}
{% endif %}

Go to the mustache help for more info.

Variables for the page template

Variables for the list template

If you use the or feature to include content in your list template, you'll get a merge of the page and list variables.

Variables for the tag templates

Same as the ones from the list template.

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